"I’m the spark that lit your fire,
sweetheart." — Peter, Teen Wolf

make me choose: anonymous asked: derek’s alpha-ness or stiles’ facial expressions


"what do these challenges even need names for" challenge  (1/5) tv shows

-There’s no such thing as fate.
-There’s no such thing as werewolves

(Teen Wolf)


A little hope is effective, a lot of hope is d a n g e r o u s.


never over how Stiles instantly is befriended by some hot drag queens and then keeps their numbers to invite them to high school parties. never ever over it.


You have to pay attention to the moments when you’ve felt on top on the world. I remember the first time I was on stage, I was doing ‘West Side Story,’ I was 17 and this woman was crying because she liked what I was doing so much.

Under the Dome Episodes: 1.02 The Fire

"Where’d that guy come from?" "Definitely not around here." “How do you know?” "Because he’s cool."

Klaus + trolling the wife


make me choose meme: peter parker or scott mccall

You owe the world your gifts. You just have to figure out how to use them and know that wherever they take you, we’ll always be here. So, come on home, Peter.